Limitations of Auto Play Features of Online Keno Game

Online keno players are mostly of two types. The first category of players prefer to change their marked pattern on the ticket of keno after the completion of each game, specifically, when their luck do not favor. They will prefer to try varying patterns, whether numbers, shapes or letters, with an expectation to get good results from any one of them. The second category of players are mathematically minded, who always believe that winning probability has nothing to do with the marked pattern that is it is completely independent from the betting pattern. According to them, whatever the pattern, players mark probability of scoring, number of hits remains unchanged. These categories of players generally do not want to involve themselves for changing the pattern after every game. Instead, they think that this type of exercise is wasting of time and they could get in more numbers of games as they can. Hence, placing the bets repeatedly, with the same betting pattern should be ideal for these categories of players.

Thus, second category of online keno players would definitely prefer to play with Auto Play feature in keno game. However, online games of keno do not incorporate the feature of Auto Play, which is only available in online slots games. In online slots games, players can trigger the feature of Auto Play and can play more than 500 games without having any manual involvement. The maximum number of games, which could be played through slots games available at online casinos, are different for varying software providers. Therefore, absence of the feature of Auto Play had seemed to be disappointing for majority of keno players playing at online casinos.

Fortunately, some of the software providers of online gaming incorporate a limited feature of Auto Play in the games of Keno. These Auto Play features facilitate the players to play either only once or for 5 to 10 times by using the same keno ticket. First, players will mark out the desired pattern on the keno ticket and then will set the appropriate amount of bet. After this, they will select the particular button from Play1, Play5 or Play 10. Lastly, they would click on the Play button, by which software will display the number of games that can be played by using same keno ticket.

The net amount for the selected number of games would not be debited immediately to the accounts of the players. The amount for playing the first game is only deducted from the balance of players. This, the numbers will be drawn and hits would be marked on the tickets. After the game ends, the winning amount of players would be added to their balance. The hit marks will be shown clearly on the ticket, but these are not actual marks. The amount for second game has been deducted from the balance of the players and the keno game will proceed in the same manner as before. This procedure will be repeated until the desired numbers of games were being completed. Players, willing to play further games in continuous manner should select Play 10 and follow the aforementioned procedure. When the players will complete all the 10 games, they should again click on the Play button again and will play further 10 games continuously. This procedure will be repeated for infinite number of times. Hence, the auto play feature incorporated in keno game is not as good as the auto play feature provided by online slots games. This is because; in auto play feature of keno game, players have to click on the Play button continuously as required.

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