Do I have to change the casino after a big win?

If you got a big win at an online casino, you need to change it to another site with gambling. For example, a player made a deposit of 500 bucks and won 10,000. What to do far? The right decision – immediately withdraw the cash, then spend it at its discretion. Perhaps the money will be spent on the same gambling, but in another online casino. The wrong step – to spend all the money on the same site where it was received.

Why put the winnings in another casino?

Now let’s do some small calculations. Let’s say the casino of your choice is absolutely honest random number generator, which does not remember the history of your game. But why, as a rule, large winnings are followed by large losses? So, you won, but immediately lost 10 grand in the same casino. As a result, you got nothing.

What if you lost 10 grand in another casino? What can you get? In another casino, where you haven’t played before, you can get a cacheback, a non-deposit bonus, free backs, an upgrade in the loyalty program.

And the site where you won a large sum, but in time to get the money out of there, will also offer you interesting bonuses and favorable terms. After all, so want to return your profit back.

Why are there so many details? Just very often the owner of large winnings do not hurry to withdraw them, and immediately lose. So, if you have a really big skid, the winnings should be quickly removed, and then choose another casino.

The question is, is it possible to go back to the casino where the big score was cut off? Yes, but it’s advisable to wait for a while. In the old casino, increase the bet gradually, because at first you can often lose.

Still, it’s better not to go back to the site where you got a really cool winnings.