Games of the intruders Best online Italian casinos

From time to time people of Best online Italian casinos a special kind gather at the gaming table. We call them “intransigent”. It is impossible to agree with them – about a game of poker or, say, to borrow some money from them before the next game. You can only beat them. These people are not worth it for us to talk about them. But they do exist.

And we beat them in poker. They are very unhappy with it. It seems to them that this is not the way to play poker. That we only have to lose, and they have to win accordingly. But they are losing anyway. And they leave the game house in extreme disorder. We do not love them – for their intransigence. Still, the person at the game table should be a little more accessible. He should at least treat his colleagues with respect.

Games of the intruders Best online Italian casinos

I say “at least”, but this is not what these people do. They behave as if everyone owes them a huge and unpaid debt. Yes, perhaps, they are in debt. In any case, we have never been able to beat them. However, they rarely go to the game. Perhaps, they have their own motives for it. And they play to show how to play. I mean how to win, of course. But at the same time, they lose all the time. This time, everything happens in the same way. Except that none of the real masters agree to play with them. And the students of the masters sit down to play with them. And they are quickly beaten.

The game is played “each for himself” – as it should be in real poker. True, this “each for himself” in this case means that everyone, really, for himself. And at a common table sit six people at once, one of whom is ours, his own, and the rest – they. And begins the general fight in the so-called “poker”. At first, there is one player. He does not like cards. Cards are immediately replaced, but he also does not like them. They are replaced once again. And then it turns out that these cards are Best online India casinos not painted. And that this person can not recognize what is printed on them. If he is motivated, he leaves the game, leaving us all his money. That is, there is already one loser.

The second one is drawn instantly. He is also dissatisfied. He does not have the right figure, but he should have one. It has to be – that’s all. We try to tell him about the basic poker rules. He listens angrily. And he leaves the game, leaving us his money again. This is how everyone who is considered to be intransigent leaves the game. There are two left, one of them is our man, and one is disagreeable. The game is a big one. The amount of ten thousand dollars is played (about that). The game is played with an intractable person.

He is tense and looks at his cards for a long time. Our player is a little bored. He loses a little, but at the moment is ready to put a point. Finally, the intractable walks. And he hits the slippage. All money is won by our man. Which had to be proved… These intractable people are still angry with us. They think our poker is flawed. Although they play it. Why do they play, it remains a mystery to us.