Marathonbet casino mobile suitable slot

The number of sentences just makes me dizzy. From the good old Starburst classics, smelling like buns and airport sodas from the 80’s, to the ultramodern Wild West, the Books of Ra and the like, astonishingly graphic and informative Marathonbet casino mobile. Or cool 3D online games that have no analogues.

What to choose – you decide. As practice shows, the best adviser – own experience, the son of errors difficult.

It is recommended to choose slots for video machines with a high rate of return of the saucer. This parameter shows an approximate arithmetic mean – the percentage of return of money spent to the player in the form of winning in the long run. The higher this parameter is, the more money the player wins. It is not difficult to find the rate of return – it is available in the description of each video slot.
The second thing to pay attention to when choosing a video slot – the rules of the game.

The basic principles of the game

They need to be learned in advance. The rules of the game differ depending on the release time Marathon Bet of the version, type and story line video game.

Marathonbet casino mobile suitable slot

There are basic rules that are usually unchanged. They are as follows:

  • Winning brings a combination of the same icons on all the reels of the machine.
  • Winning icons are placed horizontally – in line, zigzag or in other similar way.
  • The number of playing lines is fixed – as a rule, their number is from 10 to 25.
  • The amount of payments is the product of the size of the bet on the cost of symbols involved in the game combination.
  • There are universal substitutes for winning values. They are called differently, but the essence of one – they replace the winning sign.
  • The player can choose the size of bets and other parameters.
  • For information about the size of bets and other parameters directly related to winning, there is a so-called payout table. Located, as a rule, at the bottom of the playing field.