Multiplier in casino: designation and application

The gameplay in online casinos involves the use of various additional options, especially slots. Multiplier – a special symbol that multiplies the winning combination by a certain coefficient. This is a familiar prize option on a par with the action of Wild and Scatter and Frispinami. A multiplayer is available in Big Bad Wolf, Arcader, Super Heroes and other games. It is usually activated automatically, depending on the type of game may have its own features.

Using a multiplier

The slot payout table shows the winning combinations for each of the symbols and the conditions of their calculation – the required number of pictures to get a certain prize. As well as Multiplier has clearly defined capabilities, which depend on its numerical value. In gameplay the multiplier can show itself in different ways:

  • In a binding to free spins – a classical variant. For example, Scatter starts a series of freespines in which possibility of occurrence of a multiplier with factors 3х, 7х, 10х is provided. The more such symbols drop out at a time – the higher the obtained coefficient. With each successful round the coefficient can progress so that the player is not bored;
  • In company with Wilde. The wild symbol usually acts as a joker in the main game and additional game. Often in the action of Wild laid automatic multiplier, the coefficient which also can increase with the rapid appearance of the symbol on the screen;
  • As a consequence of the appearance of Scatters – to the Scatter Symbol is often bound multiplier;
  • For successful completion of several additional levels of prize spins. With each new spin, the Multiplier coefficient remains the same or increases;
  • In a round with bonus options, as a secondary prize option.

Multiplier is top online casino designed to diversify the game, making it potentially more successful. In this case, the functions of a special symbol do not depend on the game mode. Multiplier helps to test slots and make money on gambling.