Online casinos in Italy game reaches its peak

The game Online casinos in Italy is reaching its peak. Basically, we are winning. And we win serious money. If, of course, we can withstand this bluff. But we can withstand it. We have all the chances to do it. The main thing is not to intimidate our opponent. We raise the bet. He is a little slow. He looks at the cards and thinks. “What to do – if I’m sure that this man has no piece of cards? Is he bluffing at the same time? What to do – to punish.

And he punishes me. Raises my bluff twice more. I look past him. Namely – in the winter window. There is snow. Birds singing. I think it’s bruises. But they are almost unheard. It is a frosty morning. I raise the bet twice more. I throw chips on the table. The croupier nods interestingly. He understands me. This man looks at me once again. He estimates – how can I bluff with such a tiny figure of cards? I have a pair. Well, two pairs. I do not deserve more. He raises the bet twice again. I immediately respond. And I bully her twice more. What money is at stake now? A hundred dollars? Thousand? Or ten thousand? Yes – more, a lot more. He raises the bet again. I immediately respond. He picks it up again.

Online casinos in Italy game reaches its peak

I am not lagging behind. Then he stops for a long time, raising his eyes from his cards. He looks at me. He evaluates me again. In his eyes I see all my inconsistency. But what can I do if I am like that? Yes, insolvent, yes, very insolvent. True, I am the one who wins this game. He finally doubles the bet once again. And he waits. I can rating online India casinos withstand it for a while. And I say, “I’ll put it out and double up. And I throw my chips on the game table. By the way, the chips will soon be over. According to the rules of the game to go get them to buy at the cash desk, you can not. We play without a limited bet.

But the number of chips purchased from us is limited. He raises the bet once again. I put it out with a stone face. And – I double it. This is the last thing I can do with this bet. There is no more money. He does not have any money either. He is thinking about it. Then he puts out the bet. And… he opens the cards. I open it, too. He has a street flash. Well, it is a good card. And I have the oldest card in poker. Royal-flash. I celebrate. All won money is mine. I rake chips. And I count the winnings. It exceeds … crazy … More than a hundred thousand dollars! A lot more! I am delighted. We shake hands. “I didn’t expect it,” he mutters. “Well, no,” I mumble. We are both very confused. He looks at me with interest.

And I immediately offer him to play va-bank. In other words, for all the money won. Thank God, he refuses. “But then,” he says, “we will fight with you. “Yes, of course we will. Always at your service,” I reply. Tell me something, but in this game it is either victory or death itself. And almost nothing in the middle.