Play to the last Best Italian online casinos

Sometimes the game goes Best Italian online casinos to the last cent, the last chip. This happens when each of the players is confident in his victory. And as a result it turns out that he wins not at all. And not your neighbor on the right. And not the one on the left. And that one over there is a quiet, calm person who does not stand out in the general game.

This is a tragic case. So to speak – a collective mistake. Absolutely everyone is mistaken, considering himself to be such poker experts. And in fact, it turns out that their knowledge is worthless. And the main thing in poker is not some knowledge, but luck. Only good luck. And nothing else. No, of course, something matters. A person knows how to play the beginning of the game correctly. He makes sure that your bets are minimal, and his bet has the maximum allowable value. How does this happen? A lot of nuances lead to this. And he skillfully uses them, achieving the minimum loss and maximum winnings.

This is a special case, allowed in some types of poker. I just bring it as an example of a skillful player. But we are now talking about another thing – collective mistakes. These mistakes are very rare. They occur in an environment where each other is played from case to case. That is, they do not know very well what players are and what they are. One person can make a mistake. Two best Indian online casinos people can also make mistakes. But to play the way the game is played today, so that all the players are mistaken – it happens not only rarely, but very rarely. This loss is especially sensitive, because the game goes to the last chip. It seems to be possible to play back, but … there is nothing. There is no money.

Play to the last Best Italian online casinos

Moreover, none of the players. Stakes were exorbitant high. And that man just followed our wishes, raising bets and for the time being silent. We did not pay attention to him. We did not notice him. And at that moment he bit his whiskers and watched us secretly, wondering what kind of win he would get as a result. He had a giant winnings. It’s fantastic. He won absolutely everything. Time passes. And we gradually leave the gaming room. To say that we are very disappointed is not to say anything. We are disappointed very much. But we hold on. And we look at this lucky guy. What is his guilt? Yes, it’s nothing. It’s not his fault we turned out to be such nerds. Poker is a game of ambition.

Exactly like that, although anyone can play poker, including a completely unambitious person. He is not ambitious. I know he is. But I can’t do anything about it. I hate him. I despise him. I am ready to scratch all his eyes… And at that moment he quietly says: “I heard that you have absolutely no money? Can I help you?” I was wrong again. He turned out to be a good man.