Win a penny, lose a million marathonbet casino review

We play card poker. In the simplest thing in the world. That is, we add our figures and evaluate them. Then he goes to the buy-in – we take three cards. And with these five cards we play. There marathonbet casino review are no options for a good bluff. They are not for the reason that we play for a penny. At the lowest rate. And soon this rate begins to bother us.

We go again and again. And finally, we offer our opponents to play big. Well, not a million, of course. But for something like that. They agree. The croupier deals cards by updating the deck. And we open the first figures … I have one pair. Just a couple. I take three cards to her and find myself with the same pair. What about my opponents? They have the same game. Everyone surrenders. And the rate rises. We take the cards again.

And again we look at our figures. This happens until we win. So, sheer nonsense – just some hundred dollars. But best casino in prague exactly a hundred. This game promises to become a real confrontation. And we are slowly going to – not to miss it. By the way, you can easily play such a game. Just pay attention to the rates. You hesitated a little, braked a little. And your opponent starts bluffing. He asks to raise the bid. And you seem to agree to this.

Win a penny, lose a million marathonbet casino review

You have a square. And you feel quite confident. You raise the bet. And wait until the other two opponents leave the game. You are left alone. You play classic poker, which can have two options. More precisely – three. The first option is that you both pass and leave the cashier untouched. The second option – one of you can’t stand your bluff.

He puts out the bet. And you open the cards. And the third option, the most profitable. When your opponent is completely overwhelmed. When he finally gives up. And you do not open your cards, but simply take the winnings. But this gain must still be won. You raise bets. And your opponent also raises them. This happens over and over again.

At some point you are even surprised. What’s happening? Why doesn’t he give up? And gradually it turns out that he … has a good figure. And you slap this thing. You lost this game – unless, of course, he gives up. But he does not give up. And you lose this million (or how much money is at stake).

It’s over, you lost. You are in a state where it is better not to approach you. Although you still smile And behave as if nothing had happened … This is a classic example of a beautiful loss. Big loss. When you missed a moment and started bluffing. Although they should not. Well then